Warranty Policy

Dashcam (Barbados) Inc. is unable to offer warranty on power supplies (including hardwire kits), memory cards and software.


All dashcams purchased from Dashcam (Barbados) Inc. are covered by a 90-day warranty, from the invoice date. This warranty covers manufacturer defects which may cause the device to stop working or not function as reasonably expected; and does not apply to mistreatment or mishandling of any dashcam. Battery depletion over time is normal is not considered a defect. All handling and usage of dashcams must be done in accordance with the manufacturer’s handbook for the respective dashcam model. In the event that a replacement of the same product is not available, Dashcam (Barbados) Inc. reserves the right to either replace the camera with a similar model or issue a refund. Any claims made within the warranty period will be processed either directly by us or by an authorized agent on behalf of Dashcam (Barbados) Inc., and must be accompanied by the original proof of purchase.

If a warranty claim is accepted by Dashcam (Barbados) Inc., all original accessories that came boxed with the dashcam must be returned to us along with the dashcam.

What is NOT Covered Under Warranty

  • Failure or damage which results from unauthorized alteration of a dashcam’s electrical components, an accident (vehicular or otherwise), mistreatment, misuse, neglect, voltage fluctuations, water damage, lightning, damage caused by other acts of God, or improper maintenance.
  • Products that have had their serial numbers removed
  • Any cost that requires the product to be uninstalled or reinstalled.
  • Any device or product not purchased from Dashcam (Barbados) Inc. or an authorized agent.

To ensure you keep the warranty in effect, the product must be used as directed by any user manual provided with the product when purchased and cannot be exposed to weather (including extreme temperatures) or liquids. We recommend that you remove your dashcam from the suction holder or adhesive mount in order to minimize heat exposure from direct sunlight through the windshield for extended periods of time when the dashcam is not in use or does not have the Parking Mode/Motion Detection function activated. This will help to significantly reduce the risk of damage to your dashcam. Failure to follow the manufacturer’s and other recommended guidelines will automatically void the warranty.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our Warranty Policy or wish to make a warranty claim, please send us an email at info@dashcambarbados.com