Hardwire Installation

Hardwire installation of your dashcam involves connecting the camera to your vehicle’s electrical system to supply power on a continuous basis directly from the vehicle’s battery.

Dashcam Barbados has partnered with a professional auto electrician, who can hardwire your vehicle within 30 to 45 minutes on average. See our hardwire installation product page for further details.


Watch Video Playback on Your PC

We recommend using  to watch your dashcam videos on your desktop computer or laptop. This is a free and open-source cross-platform media player that is the preferred media player to watch videos in a wide variety of formats. It has an easy interface that allows you playback your videos with little to no hassle. You can download and install this software from VLC’s download page by clicking on the link or icon to the left.


Convert Videos to Upload to Youtube

If you would like to upload and share your videos on YouTube, we recommend using  to convert your dashcam videos to MP4 on your desktop computer or laptop. Freemake offers a free version of their software that supports a wide range of output formats including MP4, WMV, MPG, AVI and FLV. It does a great job of converting and compressing large video files to smaller and lighter files, making them more Youtube friendly. The free version does a great job of preserving video quality, which is good for HD videos. You can learn more about these features by visiting Freemake’s website. To download and install this software from Freemake’s download page, .


GPS Viewer Interface Software for A118 Dashcam Videos

We recommend using Registrator Viewer to watch your videos that have GPS data.

Download installation file by clicking the button to the right.
Save  and install the file on your computer.
Double click the new icon to launch the software.
Add video files from your MicroSD card or computer.
Double click on the video files to play them.
Watch your videos and see your travel routes on the interactive map at the same time. It’s that easy!


Basic Data Recovery Service (Coming Soon)

Memory cards occasionally malfunction or sometimes mishandled accidentally, resulting in the data being lost or compromised in some other way, leaving you with a feeling of not knowing what to do.

We offer a basic data recovery service for BBD$20.00 to all Dashcam Barbados customers at an affordable price to help you avoid complete data lost. The service does not offer a guarantee on the amount of data that can be recovered, nor the final output format, but we assure our customers that we will make every effort to retrieve all recoverable data from your memory card.