What is the Outlook for Dashcams in the Future?

There are two organizations that would benefit most from dashcams being installed and used by drivers – Insurance Companies and Law Enforcement. Dashcams have the potential to greatly contribute to the resolution of traffic accidents and motor insurance claims to be processed faster.


Local insurance companies can partner with Dashcam Barbados to offer their customers an incentive or encourage them to install a dashcam in their vehicle. Video evidence can assist insurance companies by significantly reducing the time it takes to process a motor accident claim because it will provide insurers with reliable information on how an accident occurred and accurately determine who was at fault in an accident, provided it occurs within the Field-of-View (FOV) of the camera. The cumulative benefit of widespread use of dashcams could translate into savings for insurance companies as result of an increase in defensive driving practices and a decrease in vehicular accidents annually.

In the USA, insurers can offer dashcams as an extension to ‘Pay-As-You-Drive’ motor insurance policies. Pay-As-You-Drive insurance is when you agree to install a digital informatics device in your vehicle to record your acceleration, braking, and corner steering habits, among other factors, to build a profile of your driving style. The information is reflected in a corresponding risk profile which calculates a premium based on a predetermined rate regulated by the insurer. The lower your risk profile, the less likely you are to be involved in an accident, hence you pay a lower premium for your insurance coverage. Dashcams would be a logical addition to the informatics device because adding the visual aspect of a person’s style of driving creates a more comprehensive profile of them as a driver.

Legal considerations

Video footage obtained from dashcams can been used to provide irrefutable evidence in traffic cases, e.g., to show that another car ran a red light which led to an accident occurring. This type of technology was specifically used in police cars in the past to protect officers on the job, and by extension protect the Department against lawsuit action. Dashcams are now available as general consumer products which can provide a similar type of protection for ordinary drivers against wrongful claims. We think it would be prudent and beneficial for the police in Barbados to encourage the use of dashcams by all motorists.

Using a dashcam is not illegal in Barbados. However, we firmly support the introduction, or modification, of existing legislation to acknowledge dashcams as mobile security video solutions that could be of significant value to our local legal system.

The Canadian company InsurEye stated on their website that:

Recording video while driving on public roads is OK as privacy concerns don’t generally apply in public spaces, but think carefully about how you use the resulting videos. There should be no problem showing them to the police or insurers, but it might not always be OK to post them online“.

Dashcam Barbados supports this statement and aims to promote responsible use of dashcams in Barbados while seeking to gain support for their widespread application in helping make our local roads safer and secure.

The Future

Cameras Built into Vehicles

It is possible that car manufacturers will develop adapted versions of dashcams that they incorporate into mass production, making them a standard feature found in vehicles in the future. This would fundamentally change the way that in-vehicle cameras are viewed by the authorities and insurance companies, making them the official black box of cars, similar to that of a flight data recorder found in aeroplanes. Despite the possibility of this existing in the future, we are committed to providing the best quality dashcams to all drivers who would like to protect themselves today.

Story Telling of Your Experiences While Driving Will Change

Telling people what you saw or experienced while driving to work will soon become a thing of the past and will be replaced with sharing your dashcam videos with family and friends in the future. You will be able to visually engage others with what you experienced on the road without missing any details or getting the sequence of events wrong. Dashcams will become the accurate story teller in the future – and sooner than you know it.

Widespread use of dashcams
There is a very limited number of dashcams presently used in private vehicles in Barbados. However, they are expected to become more popular as people learn about the benefits of having a dashcam installed in their vehicle. The map below indicates what we think will be a gradual but predictable increase in the number of dashcams on the roads of Barbados.

Become part of the future today and start protecting yourself on your daily commute by investing in a reliable dashcam from Dashcam Barbados.