What are the Benefits of Using a Dashcam?

Protect Your No Claim Bonus: Video footage captured by your dashcam can be critical to protecting your No Claim Bonus (NCB) if your insurance company wishes to review the video evidence to confirm that you were not at fault in an accident. The true value of the video footage can be realised when you avoid an increase in your insurance premium. Companies with commercial fleets can also protect their drivers and insurance premium by installing dashcams in their vehicles as well.

Provide Irrefutable Evidence: When an accident occurs, there is always more than one version of the same story – versions which are often conflicting accounts of what really happened. Video evidence from dashcams provides the police with irrefutable evidence of exactly how an accident occurred, provided that it falls within the camera’s field-of-view (FOV). It helps to eliminate the “he said, she said” stories that can complicate the jobs for police and insurance companies when they conduct their analysis of what happened in order to determine the most plausible truth. It will also help to deter drivers from making fraudulent accident claims.

Promote Safer Driving Habits: In addition to dashcam offering protection for drivers, they also help to heighten a driver’s awareness of their own accountability of possibly being at fault if they are involved in an accident. This is likely to psychologically influence a driver to adopt a more defensive driving style to avoid being the one who is responsible for causing an accident.

Increase Accountability of Drivers: By promoting the use of dashcams in all vehicles, drivers are likely to become more accountable for their actions on the roads. As dashcams are used by more drivers, they can provide evidence in instances where another road user may be guilty of causing accident to occur. This will make it increasingly difficult for people to lie to the police about the extent of their involvement in an incident, accident or illegal road use.

Evidence for Victims of Hit-and-Run: When a hit-and-run occurs, witnesses often struggle to recall accurate details of the incident because of how suddenly and unexpectedly it happened. Video footage from the dashcams of near-by vehicles can lead to more prosecutions resulting from hit-and-run accidents.

Document the Physical Landscape: Land development can significantly transform the look and feel of urban and rural areas, often leaving you with only the memories what it looked like before they were developed. Dashcams can easily and efficiently document landscapes and streetscapes as you go about your day-to-day activity, allowing you to capture and preserve it in video for future generations to see what they looked like before being (re)developed. You can build your very own archive of land development information for historical purposes.

Fun Fun Fun!: We all have seen or experienced something funny while driving to work or home and wished that we could have captured it on our phones – but this almost never happens! You will never again have to tell your family and friends a story about what you saw while you were driving, but rather, you will be able to show them your dashcam video footage. More importantly, this can be all done hands-free. The wide field-of-view of your dashcam will ensure that you capture those funny moments and share them with everyone!