Who We Are

Dashcam (Barbados) Inc. is an online store that was launched in May 2015 with the primary goal of helping to make the roads of Barbados safer for all road users. The business developed out of a desire to provide a tangible solution that could help address growing concerns in the steady decline of safe and considerate driving habits of motorists and cyclists. Statistics show that the number of traffic related accidents recorded annually has steadily increased over the past 5 years.

As enthusiasts of innovative products, we quickly realised that dashcams were the ideal solution that we needed to provide locally. This led to several months of research, in an effort to learn everything that we could about in-vehicle digital video recorders. This was supported by our own personal testing of different camera models during that time to gain first-hand knowledge and experience with using dashcams in order to determine which models would be best suited for our local climate and road conditions.

Our goal is to provide customers with reliable, high-quality dashcams, in an effort to help improve road safety and security in Barbados. We believe that as more motorists install dashcams in their vehicles, they will develop more defensive driving practices, thereby reducing their risk of getting involved in an accident. This would be primarily attributed to drivers developing an awareness of a recording device in their vehicle as well as in other vehicles.

We aim to provide the best value for money to ensure that all drivers have the opportunity to protect themselves while driving; and ultimately, we hope for this to translate into more responsible driving and road use in Barbados!

We believe that when you become a Dashcam Barbados customer, you will soon be saying to your family and friends  “You would not believe what I caught on my dashcam today”.

Make Everyday a Safe Day with Dashcam Barbados!