A dashcam is a small camera designed to be mounted on your windshield to continuously record everything that happens when you are driving your vehicle. They are also known as Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), dashboard cameras, in-car cameras or car black boxes. The name ‘dashcam’ originated from the earliest versions of cameras that were mounted on the dashboard of police cars. This technology was used by Police Departments in the USA to protect officers in the line of duty from false claims of a breach in protocol, or in unclear circumstances, by providing video evidence. This became vital to protecting the Police Department in the event that a civil suit is brought against it.

The camera is simple to set up and easy to manage. It automatically turns on and begins to record when the car’s ignition is switched on. The video footage is saved directly to a memory card which safely stores it for playback and review purposes at a later date. Many cameras today record in High Definition (HD) which offers a superior viewing experience.

This technological device became popular in some European countries to combat growing levels of accident and insurance scams that targeted drivers at random, causing them and their insurance companies to pay out thousands of dollars based on false claims. Over the last five years, dashcams have now become smaller, sleeker and lighter, making them a ‘must have’ for drivers in many countries around the world.

Should You Use a Dashcam?

We strongly recommend that all drivers get a good quality dashcam installed in their vehicle! A dashcam is your video eyewitness and will provide far more details of an accident or an incident than you may be able to recall. A dashcam is a very valuable asset to help protect you when you least expect it. You never want one until you need one.